Making an Entrance

Enter the foyer of one of my dear clients’ Georgian Revival home, located on the South Side of Chicago in our president’s hometown neighborhood. It becomes illuminated by Italian chandeliers from New Metal Crafts, creating the welcoming tone. The home is stately to say the least and commonly nicknamed “The White House”—only as you enter this house it reveals to be far more colorful.

The home was originally designed by architect Benjamin Marshall in 1899, who also designed and built The Drake Hotel, The Blackstone Hotel and Theatre, and the South Shore Country Club. Benjamin Marshall loved a good party and was known as a big “people person”—witty, well-dressed and flamboyant. Maybe that’s the reason why the home attracts like-spirited individuals.

It has been a pleasure to work on the interior of this home for the last two years with the clients, who are, in a word, delightful. We have added joyful touches that bring pleasure into everyday living.

Lighting has become an integral tool in shaping the space and flattering the clients’ art collection. In my opinion, art is what makes a home feel alive and welcoming, because it means something to you personally, and you in turn share it with your guests.

So if you have an artifact, photograph or painting that you’re hiding away, take it out and display it. Live with it over good conversation and a glass of something bubbly. Because you never know who might stop by.

Entering the dinning, an antique turn of the century, Austrian crystal chandelier found at  New Metal Crafts. The emerald and sunflower oil painting plays off the peony wallpaper by Gaetano

A yellow flower study and crystal lamps found by the client at auction.    

The painting of the horse jumping out of the dark, hung over the fireplace, was a commissioned piece by Linc Thelen