Design Advice: Kids Sharing a Bedroom

In this month’s Time Out Chicago, writer, Martina Sheehan, asked Bedrooms by Brynne for additional design advice on how kids can share a bedroom more fluidly. Here are a few ideas and sources, that I shared with Martina and the readers, on how to share: Time Out Article

My key tip is finding a project that the kids can collaborate on. Such as recreating, in DIY fashion, a beaded chandelier in the style of Marjorie Skouras’s Annabelle chandelier. After all, problem solving with others helps us to create a stronger bond. A project that the kids can tackle with one another is the perfect way to empower them both individually and together, when creating a shared space.

As for the parents, maybe you would want an authentic Marjorie Skouras‘s chandelier for your own private reverie. Be sure to see the gorgeous black onyx and emerald green stone fixture. Now wouldn’t that be lovely to wake up to in the morning.