How to Seduce a Long-Lost Love

You have to taste it to believe it. Later this month Rick Bayless stars in a new type of role for a Lookingglass Theatre production, entitled, Cascabel. Many people have been seduced by Rick’s passion for Mexican food, either from watching Mexico:One Plate at a Time or from one of his cook books like  Fiesta at Rick’sor have had the privilege of eating at one of his many restaurants, such as Xoco, Frontera GrillTopolobampo or, while at O’hare airport, Tortas Frontera. Because if you have, you would certainly remember the mole.

I had the pleasure of working with Rick, styling his 1940′s wardrobe and set props for Chicago Magazine’s feature on him, covering Cascabel. Listen, I don’t get overly excited about working with celebrities but I do when I work with certain exceptional chefs. Not all celebrities are down for dangling from a chandelier made up of pots and pans. And I have to love the fact that he practices yoga too. That’s right, note to all the men out there, men that do yoga or even try it once–very sexy.

Cascabel is a Mexican boarding house in the 1940′s. Rick plays a chef, called the Cook, who tries to seduce his long-lost-love by preparing food for her. She is a flamenco dancer and actress, only, she has no appetite. During the show, as Rick is cooking for her, the audience is tasting the food right along with her.  Oh yes, and there are acrobats and a tightrope-walking sous-chef.

Rick says in the article, beautifully, on this relationship with food: “It’s the kind of thing that food does so regularly in our lives, yet we don’t think much about it. It can tie us to a culture or a person; it can remind us of a place. Those are all memory centered. But food can also center us in the present and even open us up to the future. It can make us live in the moment and dream of what is next.”

Now, I’m seduced…. and quite hungry.

To read the full Chicago Magazine Article that I worked on and behind the scenes photos: check it out.