Hush, Violet Hours and Patience

Hush is the name of the color that cloaks the walls, mixed with metallic silver at the top of it’s arched neck, shimmering as it meets the ceiling. I have been working with this client over the past couple years and the project continues to be a work in progress, all for the love of vintage finds, a violet palate, and sweet patience.

Together, we have carefully restored an Art Deco rosewood and walnut dresser, ebonized a sleek lingerie chest, revived a vintage, Murano, leaf chandelier, and created a master bath, which has become the quiet respite every hardworking woman deserves. One of the adored pieces found for the bathroom is an antique painted armoire from Italy, which has been repurposed to store bath towels and robes, fashioned with lock and key.

Lush velvet textiles were selected for seated stools and beige and lavender pillows by Kevin O’Brien Studio, accessorize the sculptural club chairs upholstered in champagne silk. In the master bedroom metal accents were re-platted in a brushed nickel, adding to the hush cooling effect.

Sometimes it can be best to allow progress in a space to come about slowly. By allowing yourself to feel out where you are, you grant yourself the time and the hours to decide what is truly meaningful.

Here is more of Hush, Violet Hours.