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Art Direction for ABC Makeover


Last night, Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition aired on ABC, the episode I art directed for the makeover for Chantell’s apartment in Elgin, IL.

It brought back memories of working last year, driving back and forth from Chicago in stop-and-go traffic, in an un-airconditioned black car, during one of the hottest damn summers on record.

Little did we know when we started the makeover that her building would soon be condemned.

In the meantime, though, there was a lot of good news: I was working on transforming a home for someone who would lose nearly half her body weight over the course of a year, and she would work to finish her degree. That environment had to be motivating.

After hearing more about Chantell from the producers, I knew that I wanted to create something lively and colorful to accentuate the original fireplace detail—as well as her warm personality. This room had to be more than just a bed; it had to also be a gym, a functioning kitchen and a place for Chantell to kick off her shoes and sit down after a long day’s workout.

I wanted to do a collection of dreamcatchers over her bed, so I had them custom made by Sara from Seven Wishes Dream Catchers. Dreamcatchers were originally an Ojibwe concept. Nightmares begone. Manifest dreams.

The colors added in the room made a huge difference. Paint for the space was by Devine Color, which is a refreshing paint to work with since it’s a rather creamy consistency that covers well. There are so many fun palates to choose from. We got serious with the color and used the pale yellow “Devine Butter” on the ceiling, “Devine Poppy” in the kitchen and “Devine Mo’ Pink” in the bedroom/gym/living room. The thick crown moldings, baseboards and architectural trim were painted in “Devine Rino,” a dark, brownish black.

Thankfully, many businesses in the Chicago area contributed to the studio apartment as well. Antique chairs, gold French mirror, floor lamp and lingerie chest were found at The Find, where Julie, the owner, is an absolute delight. I love so many things that she gathers and assembles in her stores.

The metal café chairs and ironwork piece, which I added as a diamond cap or crown to the graffiti graphic was sourced at Architectural Artifacts, where I also found four antique tile pieces that made two pink bows. I had the bows framed as an art piece and hung them over the lingerie chest, where the mason jars of marbles represented lbs lost.

Fabric for upholstering the chairs was sourced from Architex International, as were the yellow sheers and stipe draperies that I sewed up for the windows. The plush hemp and silk rug is from Organic Looms, which sources incredible custom rugs from Nepal and India. You must feel these rugs under your feet and explore the possibilities for your own space.

Kristie Kahns created the gorgeous photograph of a flamenco dancer, an action shot, capturing an animated shawl mid-twirl. The energy of this shot adds to the motivation of the space and acts as a reminder to dance and keep on moving. The goldish-silver frame for the print was done by Frames Graphics Studio—this place does a super job and is very affordable.

Many people helped make this little studio makeover possible, including two remarkable neighbors living below and hands from the rockstar field producers who brought me on.

I’m glad that Chantell did the work to create her self-transformation. As we all are hopefully opening up, reflecting, learning, risking and moving toward something, the known and unknown. So when the building is being condemned, you keep on keeping on.

For me, reality is still more interesting than Reality TV. If only you could capture THAT. Better said, I’ll continue to live it.

For those who missed the episode, check it out.

Good in Bed

Bedrooms by Brynne speaks to

5 Quick Tricks For A Sexier Bedroom

By: Shani Silver

This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget the most important room in the house: your bedroom. If the sexy factor in your boudoir is lacking, let Chicago bedroom stylist Brynne Rinderknechtenlighten you with her top tips for some steamy bedroom romance. Whether you follow one or all, your bedroom will be ready for action. And, if you’re prepared to start from scratch, contact Bedrooms by Brynne for a full bedroom makeover.

1. Clean slate. Brynne starts fresh with a new pair of sheets. Pick the fabric that feels best to you. Bamboo, linen, or Egyptian cotton are the holy trinity of bedding. Select a color that compliments your skin-tone and always buy a top sheet one size larger than the size of your bed. The extra fabric will virtually eliminate fighting over covers, and you’ll have much more to snuggle up in. Try Elegant Linens Cap Martin Fine Bedding, prices vary.

2. Pandora’s box. Keep an imaginative, covered container bedside. Your bedroom buddy will never know what you’ve got stashed inside, be it toys, massage oils, condoms, whatever makes the mood a little steamier. Check out Juliska Harriet Black Glass Covered Urn, $475 from Elements Chicago

3. Be reflective. A strategically placed mirror can open your room up to endless opportunities. Brynne loves antique degraded mercury glass that reveals less precision in the body, and it really ups the mystery of what’s to come. Brynne’s thinking along the lines of the Massive Wrought Iron Dressing Mirror, available at 1stdibs.

4. Hot on the scent. A new, bedroom-only perfume will elevate your partners senses and hint at something new to experience. Our expert suggests hints of saffron, tuberose, and jasmine to spice things up. Try Fredéric Malle’s Carnal Flower, available for $200 at Barneys.

5. Get the message. If you’re the shy type, Brynne suggests being brave with a sexy message left for your lover in the perfect place. Have a note or even one word embroidered on a special pillow for Valentine’s Day and beyond. For help creating your message, go straight to Jolie Maison, 643 Central Avenue, Highland Park, IL 60035; 847-433-4555

Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar in The Riverfront Times

The Riverfront Times reviewed Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar, one of my recent interior design projects.  Ian Froeb wrote about his experience: “You enter into the bar, a space that is awesome in the original sense of the word: Light fixtures like oversize birds’ nests are suspended from the ceiling.” To read the full Riverfront Times article on Bridge click here. Or check out more images of Bridge in my portfolio section.

Bridge is named after the bridge of a violin, which is essential to the tone of the instrument.  This tool became inspiration for the design and sound resonating moods, including a gallery of commissioned studies by photographer Ricardo Martinez. Here are some of his stunning polaroid prints:

photo by Ricardo Martinez

photo by Ricardo Martinez

Check out the full gallery of violin photos by Ricco here….

Bridge is located in downtown St. Louis and is a great spot to chill casually in the city and sample the impressive selection of beer and wine. The food is also quite yummy. Some of my favorites are the gorgonzola and bacon bread pudding and the board called Heartland, which is goat cheese and tomato jam. Remaining one of the most delicious things I have ever put in my mouth. Just another reason to miss and visit St. Louis.

BBB Light and Shadows project in Interior Design Reference

On April 14th 2010, Bedrooms by Brynne’s Light and Shadow Play project was featured on Interior Design Reference. Currently I am working on finishing another space,a seductive nap room, for the same free-spirited client. Photograph hung over the bed is Mt. Hope by John Paul Doguin.

Featured in CRAVE Chicago: The Urban Girl’s Manifesto

Check out  CRAVE Chicago’s guide to cool local businesses and interviews with the minds behind them all: The ultimate guide to the places women CRAVE in Chicago, including more than 100 women you need to know. The book is available throughout bookstores in the Chicago area and online. Click here for a listing for places to purchase, or click on the spread below to enlarge.

Crave Chicago Cover

Brynne Rinderknecht, Bedrooms By Brynne in CRAVE Chicago Book

Feature in CS Interiors: Boudoir Star

In the December issue of CS Interiors, Bedrooms by Brynne was featured, titled “Boudoir Star: A Former Playboy set designer crafts a new set of queen-size bedroom skills.” Click the images below to enlarge.



In Chicago Home & Garden

Bedrooms by Brynne mentioned in Chicago Home & Garden online, click here to see.

“I bumped into decorator Brynne Rinderknecht at a NeoCon party last month, and we caught up on life and some recent projects that she’s been working on. Brynne used to style sets for Playboy photo shoots, and branched off into her own biz, Bedrooms by Brynne a couple of years ago. She’s got a great eye, a flair for drama, and the ability to transform spaces using what clients already own as well as new pieces. This pic is from a job she did in Wicker Park (I’m enchanted with that chandelier), and I’m eager to see how a Hyde Park home that she described as “fresh Old Hollywood” turns out.”

Featured on Material Girls Site: Have Some Fun in the Bedroom

Recently featured in a profile on the Material Girls website titled “Have Some Fun in the Bedroom.”

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Boudoir Confessions by Bedrooms by Brynne


Bedrooms by Brynne was  recently featured in the Bride’s Society: 7 Ways to Romance you Bedroom.
Click here to read the article online.

Niche Versus Nowhere: Feature in High Point Market

Sometimes it takes a semi-outsider to recognize a niche. Brynne Rinderknecht, a set designer and stylist for Playboy Magazine found herself answering all kinds of questions from friends and friends-of-friends about creating sexy, seductive bedrooms. A few years of this, combined with the enthusiastic response she received from readers who wrote in to ask about the lamp, the throw, the wallpaper, and not the model(!) in the picture, and Rinderknecht, realized she was on to something. The result is Bedrooms by Byrnne, a luxury boudoir design service. The purpose is “to create tasteful and seductive stories for the bedroom that improve the quality of your days and nights.” It’s proven to be a very successful market position.

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